Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inception of Nomadic Verses

I’m glad I’ve finally written the first post on my very own blog & have covered most of my thoughts. 'Nomadic Verses' would cover an array of topics over my interest areas such as Digital Media, Events, Entrepreneurship, Startups etc. On a lighter note, I often think philosophically about a few incidents on day to day basis in life so do not be surprised to read a tad bit theory on that as well!

To delve into who I am & what I do - Born & brought up in Muscat, Oman (no more an NRI); Completed pre college studies & landed in Bombay (Yes I do not call Bombay ‘Mumbai’) in 2003; Graduated from MMK College of Commerce & did a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations & Corporate Communications from Xavier Institute of Communications.  In between my graduation, I’ve freelanced as an Event Manager (my first love & passion) by planning, executing & organizing few of the finest events in the luxury, corporate and government sector. And not to forget, hosted & anchored several shows – those that give more air to my hobby, those that offer a learning experience & most importantly make me happy!

On a professional note, I entered the digital media space exactly a year back by debuting my career in WATMedia Pvt Ltd as a PR & Social Media Executive & later as an Event Manager & Senior Communication Executive. Little did I know my life was about to take a full swing curve. The last 11 months have taught me the basics about how a startup functions - role management, performing multi-tasking activities, being initiative & approachable, learning & sharing, overcoming challenges, drafting & achieving scalable goals. But most importantly on how an Entrepreneur thinks, acts & leads a team in the right direction. I’ve had the good fortune of working with one such young entrepreneur (Rajiv Dingra, CEO, WATMedia Pvt Ltd) who, being a first generation entrepreneur, has given me various opportunities to explore my niche qualities & support me to excel in whatever I took up. However, I’ll have several more posts dedicated to my learnings of the past one year so I wouldn’t rant about it in the initial post itself.

What I do treasure at the end of the day is meeting beautifully talented people as colleagues who share a warm & motivating relationship with each other. I’m glad to having entered the Digital Media industry at its inception as the opportunity to connect with its thought leaders is higher & that gives me a better sense of understanding the industry in & out.

With that short bio about me & my life, I hope to interact a lot more via Nomadic Verses (originated from my name NV – Namita Ved) & post interesting ideologies about my take on several things & initiatives I take up in life. A strong believer of ‘learning from feedback’ I preach – I welcome comments on what you would as a reader love to read on my blog & I’d be happy to comply in the best possible manner. (Complimentary comments goes without saying)

My next post would be about my experience on organizing my first every event - WATSummit 2011.

A trademark I’d like to keep at the end of every post – a saying/proverb by great humans who inspire me & my thoughts!
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." – By Confucius

PS – Thank you Jason Menezes for helping me finalize the name for my blog & Parth Mistry for the initial words of motivation!